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The Co-Parenting Center

The marriage is ending…  but the parenting is not. Divorcing parents have an obligation to seek the best possible outcome for their children.

The Co-Parenting Center
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Diann Bromberg, MSW, LISW established the Co-Parenting Center to help adults navigate through the turbulent parenting issues brought on by divorce. Diann provides strategies to prevent on-going arguing and fighting, excessive unwanted contact, and continuing legal fees. Services include:

  • Specific instruction on how to minimize divorce damage for children
  • Instruction on how to prevent or stop the other parent from alienating your children from you
  • A conflict-controlled and focus-controlled opportunity to negotiate co-parenting agreements
  • Negotiated parenting agreements for private use or for assistance in legal agreements

Forensic Psychological Services

Dr. Bromberg is able to apply his skills as a psychologist to form accurate conclusions and opinions and communicate these findings within the legal framework.

Richard Bromberg, Ph. D.
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Dr. Bromberg provides forensic (legally oriented) psychological services to attorneys, courts and government agencies, such as Children’s Services, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Bureau of Disability.  Because of his breadth of experience in forensic psychology and court testimony, he is a credible, reliable and seasoned professional in the legal arena.  Dr. Bromberg’s forensic services include the following:

  • Evaluations, parenting assessments for custody, parent fitness
  • Expert witness testimony in court
  • Second (rebuttal) evidence-based opinions, known as PsychoOhio® Second Opinion
  • Existence and extent of psychological injury from industrial accidents of in personal injury cases
  • Competence, sanity of individual in criminal cases

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    The Co-Parenting Center
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