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Counseling Services

Psychological counseling is the process of learning about ourselves and learning how to apply it in ways that help us live happier lives.

Bromberg Psychological & Stress Services
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During the past 30-plus years, Richard Bromberg and Diann Bromberg have helped thousands of people in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus areas. Their services span the full spectrum of professional psychological counseling for adult clients. They help individuals, couples and families deal with life issues that include the following:

  • Stress, anxiety, anger, depression
  • Communication problems
  • Excessive arguing
  • Distrust
  • Rejection
  • Adjustment Distress

Evaluation/Testing Services
Organizations are increasingly looking to psychological evaluation and testing to add meaningful insight to their decision-making processes.

Dayton Psych Testing Center
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The Dayton Psych Testing Center, owned and operated by Richard Bromberg and Diann Bromberg, provides a broad range of professional psychological evaluations. The center's growing client base includes individuals, attorneys, businesses, government' agencies, universities, and police and fire departments. The Brombergs are known for the quality and thoroughness of their evaluations. Their evaluation reports include comprehensive analysis and sound unbiased opinions.

The nature of evaluations and testing varies widely. Most commonly, they are used to determine:

  • Fear of closeness
  • Sexual conflicts
  • Extramarital affair trauma
  • Boredom or loneliness within a relationship
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Lack of personal and mental growth
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Parenting fitness
  • Employment fitness
  • Identification and degree of emotional problems
  • Risk for having specific emotional problems
  • Identification of emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Existence and extent of psychological injury from industrial accidents
  • Measurement of intelligence and/or memory levels
  • Competence and sanity in forensic situations
  • Elder competence

Contact Information

Richard Bromberg, Ph.D.
Diann M. Bromberg, MSW, LISW

Bromberg Psychological & Stress Services, LLC
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Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: 937-439-1224

Dayton Psych Testing Center
7026 Corporate Way, Suite 104
Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: 937-436-0224

Family Counseling
The Co-Parenting Center
7026 Corporate Way, Suite 104
Centerville, OH 45459
Phone: 937-436-0224

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