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How soon can I get an appointment?
Generally within 24 to 48 hours of your phone call, depending on the critical nature of your immediate situation.

How do I make an appointment?
Call 937-439-1224 and leave a brief message with your name and telephone number. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

What are your appointment hours?
Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and some holidays.

Do you take insurance?
To use your insurance for mental health purposes, a mental illness diagnosis must be assigned to an individual's claim. This may increase the risk of termination of insurance benefits in the future. In addition, confidentiality is not guaranteed when insurance is used. To reduce risk and secure privacy for our clients, we do not process insurance claims.

How much do your services cost?

Richard Bromberg, Ph.D.
Diann M. Bromberg, MSW, LISW
$135 - 50-minute session
$150 - initial session
$100 - 50-minute session
$120 - initial session
Forensic Evaluation
$225 per hour

Court Testimony
$275 per hour*
$175 per hour*
Cost is determined by the service requested.
$100 - 50-minute session
$120 - initial session
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A fee schedule is available.

The Co-Parenting Center

Private Session     $250 per 2-hour session
Parenting Agreements     $750 - $1,000
Based on three to five 2-hour sessions, with completed document.

How long will my treatment last?
Counseling is usually short-term in nature. It may involve just one session, more typically it will be four or five sessions. For more complicated situations, counseling may last up to ten or more sessions.

If I'm having a marital or relationship problem, what can I expect in counseling?
Generally we prefer you and your partner come together to the initial appointment. A history of the relationship will be taken along with the issues that prompted you to seek counseling. Individuals may also be seen alone.

If I'm having a legal problem, is there anything particular I should do when making my appointment?
Yes. There are three important steps;

  • Have your attorney contact Dr. Bromberg to discuss your legal issues and the questions that need to be answered.
  • If a court order is involved, fax a copy to Dr. Bromberg at the time you make your appointment.
  • Bring all relevant medical and legal records to you initial session for Dr. Bromberg's examination.

Does what I tell you stay private?
Yes. What you say in your sessions is private and will not be shared with anyone else without your written permission, with these exceptions:

  • If you have told us specifically that you intend to harm yourself or anyone else
  • If you give us specific information that you or someone you know is being unlawfully victimized
  • If we must take steps to arrange your hospitalization in a crisis
  • If we are subpoenaed to testify about your treatment or evaluation in a court of law. In these instances we make every attempt to share only the minimum.

If I need psychiatric medication, what do I need to do?
We do not prescribe medication. If this instance arises and you are a current client, we will work with your doctor or help you get an appointment with a psychiatrist. If you have not been seen in this office, contact a psychiatrist or your family doctor.

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Richard Bromberg, Ph.D.
Diann M. Bromberg, MSW, LISW

Bromberg Psychological & Stress Services, LLC
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